Bienabee Unified Functional Testing Training

Executive Overview

HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is a powerful tool to automate functional and regression testing. This helps to insure that enterprise quality assurance is achieved. UFT uses a gui to aid in the most efficient and simplistic scripting possible. UFT utilizes VBScript to interact with the AUT (application under test) which allows the user to manipulate objects and and controls of said application. UFT is the most current version of QuickTest Professional, HP has decided to ditch the old name to something more modern.

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Why Choose Us?

Bienabee is an industry leader in automation framework. We have multiple extremely high profile clients who we do extensive automation for. With our excellent consultants we feel that we can offer some of the best training in the industry when it comes to UFT. Not only do we provide hands on examples of how to script in UFT, we help to understand the logic and basics of VBScript for newer users. When we gauge that we are working with more experienced users we focus on refining their scripting ability and translating that into UFT for maximum efficiency and value. We are extremely flexible and provide a range of services from remote training once a week to on site daily training where teams can work hands on with our consultants.