Bienabee Performance Center Training

Executive Overview

HP Performance Center (PC) is an enterprise testing platform. This application allows for the standardization, centralization and utilization of performance testing. Performance center integrates with HP Loadrunner and Application Lifecycle Management to unlock a wide range of new potential when it comes to testing.

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Why Choose Us?

Testing can be a tricky process, but many find that it is the aboslute most important aspect of a new application. Without proper testing the product will be full of bugs which dissalows the full potential of the application. At Bienabee we have teams who work exclusive with the testing process. We are experts when it comes to integrating ALM and PC together. In conjunction they become an extremely powerful tool that will help raise the value of any application. By choosing to have our consultants provide our knowledge transfer to your teams, we are confident the efficiency of the testing will boost by an incredible amount. We help teach how to create the absolute most efficient testing framework, we have proven this time and time again within the industry.