Bienabee Load Runner Training

Executive Overview

HP Load Runner (LR) is a software testing tool. This tool is utilized by providing checking if system expectations are met and by providing load testing of applications. LR excels with it�s VuGen (virtual user generator) for generating and editing scripts. It also takes advantage of a Controller to specify how long to run scripts for and provides real time monitoring. This tool is extremely valuable to any testing framework.

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Why Choose Us?

In conjunction with Performance Center, Bianebe utilizes Load Runner on a daily basis. Testing is a crucial aspect to any application�s success. By seeking the knowledge of an industry leader, we are confident that you will walk away with testing teams that can utilize the tool to greatly accelerate the testing process. Bienabee Consultants specialize in all key aspects of Load Runner: Load Generator, VuGen, Analysis, Agent Process and Controllers. Our consultants will train teams to fully utilize now only the key components of LR but to also teach how to capture .NET and Java, Microsoft SQL, LDAP and FTP protocols, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocols for emails and remote technologies such as RDP and Citrix ICA to name a few. We stand by our guarantee that you will walk away with more proficient users of the tool whether they are brand new or experienced.