Bienabee Application Lifecycle Management Training

Executive Overview

HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a set of software products designed to help with the delivery of a product from inception to completion. This product accelerates the development process significantly providing our clients with a tremendous amount of value. Yet, it is a very complex set of software and often times our clients do not utilize all of the features. We provide training to help capitalize on your software investment of ALM. Our extensive training process dives into every aspect of ALM, from designing efficient requirements, to linking defects back to the cycles.

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Why Choose Us?

We offer very flexible training which can range from once a week to 5 days a week, on site or off site. We strongly believe in our consultants to provide the utmost value to your teams working with ALM. We provide hands on training and guarantee that you will be satisfied. By the end of the training your users, whether they be testers or project managers, will have a much greater understanding of the depth of ALM. This ranges from properly utilizing automatic daily reports, to writing custom workflow fully customize ALM to the users needs. We have an industry best training process that collaborates many years of working with ALM / QC that goes all the back to when it was a Mercury product.