Bienabee SDLC Methodology

Professional Summary

At Bienabee we specialize in enterprise-level software solutions, specifically the software development lifecycle (SDLC). We are industry experts in this field. We provide the highest quality implementation of the SDLC; this leads to rich and intuitive applications with fewer complications. Whether it's revamping product requirements with project managers or working with test leads to refine automation framework, we handle it all. We provide quality consulting to facilitate an ideas move from concept to production. We aid some of the largest companies in maximizing efficiency and value. With strict deadlines and a divers software sector, we are what is needed to assist in planning, organizing, and executing your software lifecycle.

Service Details

We use our best practices to ensure that the level of work is unmatched. We offer assessments to analyze environments and infrastructure, which identify if/where our expertise is required. We work hand in hand with all the teams on the project. We provide everything from troubleshooting, automation framework help, training, and post-production support after the product is live.

Service Key Points

  • Implementation
    With rapidly growing enterprise software sector, we provide the highest quality implementation of new software. We ensure you have all the features and functionality at your fingertips. This helps teams minimize effort while maximizing results.
  • Training
    Our consultants provide in depth training to make sure that teams are aware of the power and utility of the tools at their disposal. With the training and education we provide teams are better able to utilize the software.
  • Teamwork and Leadership
    Our consultants pride themselves on their excellent leadership skills which helps bring teams together. When we have a coherent team with outstanding leadership, anything is possible.
  • Automation and Manual Testing
    Testing is one of the toughest hurdles of any application lifecycle. We provide the best possible training expertise which helps use tools to maximize all facets of testing. Whether this is high level training on testing, to hands on automation writing our consultants are prepared to do what is necessary for your product to succeed.
  • Roadmaps
    Provide a vision for your product with the use of roadmaps. This helps stakeholders buy in to the application and gain momentum for the future of the product.
  • Application Maturity
    Our consultants provide the necessary skills to help take a product from the infant state all the way to maturity.


Hands on sdlc consultants with industry leading knowledge. A full team of consultants at your disposal to help achieve stout deadlines and goals. We understand the complex industry of software lifecycle, and can provide a wide range of consulting. We are tool experts which helps to maximize value and efficiency of teams.

Why Choose Us?

We have proven ourselves to be the best in the industry. Our expert sdlc consulting has led to some outstanding applications being produced. We take great pride in the quality of work we provide, which leads us to guaranteeing that our clients will be satisfied. We have worked with some of the best companies in the world and helped them achieve goals that others would have thought were unobtainable.