Bienabee Assessment

Executive Overview

Our goal at Bienabee is to be the leader in the industry in enterprise software services. We provide our clients with an enterprise wide assessment of their environments and infrastructure. We understand our clients are busy and find it difficult to make time for a complete assessment. To accommodate our clients schedules we offer both on-site, off-site or a mix of both in performing an in-depth assessment. All without causing any downtime. There are many reasons why we are requested for an assessment. Some of these include:

  • Performance
    When clients are experiencing poor performance they call us in to determine the source. There are an infinite number of reasons why an environment will lose performance over time. We are the experts in our field and can identify and propose a solution as to how to fix the problem areas. We have a proven track record in this area. Our experts use industry best practices to provide an in depth assessment. They analyze the infrastructure of the environment(s) to identify any bottlenecks in performance. We verify the hardware is not the cause of any performance loss.
  • Implementation
    As new software versions are increasing frequent, it becomes more difficult to choose the correct version to use. We provide an assessment to look at the environment and determine if it makes sense to move to the latest release. We use our expertise to analyze your environment, and provide you with an in-depth document as to where you can utilize new features to obtain maximum value from your enterprise level software. We also analyze the environment to make sure that if we are chosen to do the implementation there will be minimal downtime and efficiency will be at an all time maximum.
  • Training
    If you are unsure if your teams are utilizing all of the features of a product to maximize efficiency, we can come in and perform an assessment to identify trouble spots. With our expert analysis we can then recommend a training course to catch your teams up to speed on all of the new features and help to rediscover how to optimize your environment by using all of the features available to you.

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