Bienabee Support

Professional Summary

Running a complex system with infinite variables often times support work is a necessary evil. At Bienabee we take pride in our ability to offer top of the line support work. We have a ticketing system for our clients to submit tickets to us which we then facilitate the triage process. This includes in house solutions by our talents consultants and software specialists, as well as the use of HP's expedited support portal. With a combination of these we provide some of the best support in the industry.

Service Details

When there are bugs or failures in the enterprise software process, this leads to large downtimes which in return loses massive value to the project and company as a whole. You can avoid this risk by contracting Bienabee to handle your support work. We provide in house solutions and work in conjunction with HP to implement fixes to anything from broken workflow code to bugs in HP's software. We can do either on-site or off-site work and are extremely flexible. Our clients typically structure a contract as a bill on work premises, to maximize value when there is a shortage or work. On the flip side when there is the inevitable flood of bugs and errors, we provide as many consultants as needed to get the job done. Compare this to the industry standard of one worker for ALL of the support work which leads to downtime, sunk costs, and slow work when support work is direly needed.

Service Key Points

  • Flexible travel options to work on site or off site for extreme flexibility.
  • Ability to work with the expedited HP portal for solutions
  • In house solutions through the collaboration of our consultants to provide top level fixes.
  • Hands on work to help spread the knowledge of how to fix these problems to your team


We are a proven industry leader in support work. We have the resources to provide top support with a satisfaction guaranteed approach. We offer various work solutions from on site to remote work. There are flexible contracts which include billing by the hour to avoid sunk costs when there are no problems. Our team is highly skilled and proficient with the ability to fix any problem!

Why Choose Us?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee, if you go with Bienabee you can rest assured that there will always be a fix to your problem. We have an extremely skilled team who are excellent problem solvers that have tackled everything thrown in their way! Don't take on any unnecessary risk by not having a industry leading support team.