Bienabee Implementations

Professional Summary

When it comes time to upgrade your environment to the newest software, which in return allows for a plethora of new potential, don't struggle through it and compromise your time and environment. At Bienabee we excel at upgrading enterprise level software, our expert consultants have years of experience doing this as well as a company-wide proven Best Practices strategy we implement. Not only do we provide a clean upgrade to the latest software version, we provide training, post-production support, cleaning up of old environment et. cetera all with the safety of our guaranteed satisfaction.

Service Details

Our upgrade service utilizes a proven strategy to analyze your environment and infrastructure with an initial assessment then strategize the best possible solution to minimize downtime and maximize safety and performance. You have the flexibility to choose on-site, off-site or a mixture from our expert consultants to get the results you want when it comes to an environment upgrade. We recognize that every customer is unique, so we devise a specific strategy to your company to make sure that the best possible service is bestowed.

Service Key Points

  • Strategizing
    We work directly with you to analyze the current environment and infrastructure and develop a plan to efficiently perform the upgrade. We scope out all relevant assets to be assured that the final environment is fully functioning and users have minimal or no downtime. We create a test environment to perform a mock upgrade to iron out any bumps before working with the production environment, this allows the upgrade to be as efficient as possible.
  • Hands on Upgrade
    We love to work hands on with current software experts at your company to not only assure we are providing maximum value, but to also transfer our knowledge to you. This cuts down on future downtime because of the expert knowledge we are able to pass on to you.
  • Environment Performance
    We analyze your environments performance prior to any upgrade, we have proven ourselves as industry leaders in maximizing performance and helping our clients unlock their full potential. We a variety of benchmarking tools and long history of software knowledge to obtain maximum performance in your environment. Everything from infrastructure, number of testers, test assets, projects et. cetera are all taken into account.
  • Post Production Support
    After the upgrade we provide post implementation support because we guarantee our consultants are the best in the business. If there are any concerns or problems after the implementation that were not discovered in the test environment, we stand by our consultants to have the knowledge and capabilities to fix any problem that might arise.
  • Training
    Throughout the upgrade, we mentor your existing software experts to be expert admins of the new version. We also provide training to users if necessary to make sure that all of the new features can be fully utilized. We ensure that you will have all the knowledge to manage and maintain the environments after the project is complete.


Our customers are fully aware that time wasted does not lead to a productive situation. We help youminimize the downtime during an upgrade so that your users have minimal, if any, break in working. If this project is time sensitive we offer weekend solutions as well. By utilizing our skill set to perform the implementation you are accelerating time spent and gaining a tremendous amount of value.

Our expert consultants also reduce the risk to a non-factor. Many times we have been acquired by our clients to salvage a botched upgrade. Not only does this consume a formidable amount of time, it also shuts down production leading to an unsustainable budget. Let us come in from day one and use our knowledge to upgrade your environment to minimize risk of downtime.

Why Choose Us?

We have been proven in the industry with countless positive reviews. We stand by our guarantee to lableave our customers satisfied with their new environment. Not only do we provide a risk free upgrade, but our training and hands on services are top of the industry. We have consultants proven to be able to handle complex environments and strict deadlines to complete your goals.