NodeJS Requirement Poster

Allow teams with no ALM access to post requirements to your ALM project!

Enable certain users to post requirements or requirement requests without ever being granted access to the ALM tool

As our global economy grows granting other teams access to our sensitive data is becoming more of an issue.

  • Allows users to submit a requirement leveraging the REST API
  • Installs an extra level of security between non-project users and the sensitive ALM data
  • Enables certain data to be viewed and manipulated if the requirement is flagged to do so

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This is one of our most saught after tools. We attibute this to companies creating smarter, more integrated applications that require effort for other business areas. ALM does not have many "walls" up to protect sensitive data so by leveraging the NodeJS Requirement Poster we built our own wall, and protect your data. Our goal is to maximize efficiency and improve quality. We're here to help!

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