ALM AutoReporter Tool

ALM AutoReporter Tool

When it comes to reporting out of ALM, it can be a tricky task. When dealing with a large number of reports, it becomes very time consuming to generate each one and email it to stakeholders, managers or teams. Leveraging the AutoReporter tool, you can create an automated way to generate and email the reports all on the backend of Windows doing nothing but initial configuration!

After the initial configuration, you do zero work when it comes time to report out. The AutoReporter generates and emails the reports for you on a user chosen schedule!

Bienabee's ALM AutoReporter saves you considerable time in the long run!

Our consultants often find it painstaking to generate and email out a few dozen reports at the end of each week, so we created an in house tool that does this for you!

  • One time configuration to ALM server and reports that you want to generate
  • One time report scheduling in Windows
  • Once configured, the reports send out via email at any scheduled time! Daily, weekly, monthly, whatever meets your needs!

This is a FREE Tool from Bienabee to help you out!

We understand the pain of manually generating and emailing reports, so we created an in-house tool that we want to share for free to help you out!

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